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New track underway, Cosmic raceway

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Hi all,

I will be starting my 4th track in a bit and am at the moment brewing up ideas.

The plans are making a routed track and using something like oxigen or scorpius to Digify it.
It will at least be 2 laned Asphalt and will have a single lane looped rally section attached to it.

That means i will have to be able to exit the asphalt and enter the rally lane,
and should have the choice of staying on the rally track doing rounds or choose to change lane and enter the asphalt 2 lane again.

Lot's of ideas just not sure how to accomplish them all yet.
But that's only a matter of time
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I am working on a new track with asfalt, look at my ROC or ROM as Henry call it.
I thinking of removelby? surface at some part of the track!
Just too exchange the feeling! Can it bee done?
I will start with a new RallyCrossTrack for one of my friends how is determied to RallyCars.
I will be a copy of a real swedish track , Höljes, on four sheets 750mm x 1200mm of 8mm MDF.
And I will try to lay the asfalt, I use a 2mm thick asfaltboard or papp!! Something u have on the roof as the wery first cower.
Then I will make some another type of surface, pictures is coming, better to explain that way.
Starting tomorrow.
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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