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New track

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Spent three days cleaning out my shed. Finally making a track that will make for great racing as well as another track that I can do some scenery with. The bigger track is finished but still needs to be hoisted to the ceiling cavity. In the meantime I need a track to distract the boys here so a nice little three lane deal should do fine.

I'll post update photos as progress is made and answer any questions.

The first comment I'll make is the track hills were made using small gauge bird-wire with chopped strand fibre-glass mat laid over the top then a flexible rubber based waterproofing compound placed over the top of the mat. Quick simple, non-edible and permanently flexible.

Also note, I placed some clear Perspex strips around the track edge, so my 5 yr old son can see the cars coming down the hill. His first complaint when the track had a timber border. The clear Perspex can be seen just above the Cooper. Not my idea, saw someone do it here and I can recommend it. Also think it adds some depth to a layout.

The track has only really one level area and everywhere is is uphill and downdale.

Hopefully the photos work!

New scale timber fence pit wall.

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That's a great looking pit wall!
Did you scratchbuild it? What are the dimensions of the fence rails? They look very small to have to cut.....

We need more pics, an overall if you can get it!!
So you created a track as a distraction so you can work on other tracks? How underhanded and deceptively evil!!! You are my new hero!!!
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That's a nice looking little track. I imagine your son loves driving round that.

I notice the screws holding the perspex have split the MDF. Whilst this is not a problem usually, it does look a bit ugly. The secret is to clamp the MDF before you drill it and use a drill only marginally smaller than the full diameter of the screw thread. Use longish screws so that they get as much grip as possible within the hole and longer screws also support the perspex better if someone leans against it.

To rectify the existing problem you could try sqirting some woodglue down the hole, clamping and re-drilling, if it bothers you as much as it would me.

I've just noticed all the smileys have been jumbled up again!
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Thanks guys,
Yes, Knoath the whole track is worked out in 1:32 scale. The fence is scratch built. Worked on 2 fence rails each of about 180mm (in 32scale) and posts of 150 x 150mm. I figured on making the fence the sort of size as that of the old banked Brooklands racetrack after I found a picture of the aftermath of an off track excursion. Most of the timber used in the little pit wall fence was ripped down through a 10 inch bench saw which means getting your fingers close to the blade. About 4 to 5mm close so you have to keep your wits about you. Luckily these days the saws spin as if running on air so not as bad as the olden days..which I'm sorry to say I can remember. Here is a little more of the fence. Still some work to do in this area.

…. And Graham is right about the split mdf. Hardly the work of a qualified Carpenter and Joiner. I do intend to fix that Graham. But in my defence I was doing the Perspex whilst the three boys were whizzing some fairly valuable cars by my finger tips, so the faster I got it happening…

Really happy with how this next section turned out. A fast run downhill and a quick left right. You can take it flat out. The photo doesn't give it enough credit it really drops down fast.

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One potential easy "fix" for the split MDF problem would be to mask off the perspex from the level where it is above the MDF and paint the rest matt black or similar to hide the end of the MDF. I think that's what dda did on his superb routed Spa track.
Finally a chance to get a bit more work done on the track.

Still undecided on the bridges and retaining wall section which can be seen as the "hole' with the small bird wire in it. But all that will come later.

A less amount of work to get an old track looking like an ....old track, without the kerbing and modern pit facilities, etc,etc.

So a little grandstand, some 1940ish signage, and of course some scenery.

Signs were downloaded from old photos on the web.

The photo above is the grandstand unpainted and here underneath, undercoated.

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Looks great, I enjoy wathcing the progress on this clasic track. Your scenery looks spot on, the best I can say is
, keep the updates and pics coming! Per
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VERY COOL!!! Is there any way you can back up or zoom out so we can see more of the track?
This is the best I can do in regards attempting to get a photo of the track .. So here goes...

The start finish straight and future pits..This section about 3.6metres long.

The back end of the circuit. The length of this section is a tad over 6 metres long.

If you use the grandstand as a reference point, then you'll get a good look and idea of how the track is laid out.
The back section is also very fast.
Have also been reading old Grand prix books and the era I'm chasing is a time when very little, if any, armco barrier was being ued. Mostly hedges were the best attempt anyone made in an attempt to contain a crashing race car. These I hope to run right around the track, at least where they are needed.

Have also found some interesting signage for the track..

Close up anyone know much about this race?

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Looking Good! I like the way you have set an Era and stuck to it.

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Finished the hedges. Looking good now. Have enquired or maybe acquired some additional help with this detailing from some railway mates who insisted on putting their knitting down for a moment and giving me a hand in the next couple of weeks..

Next of course is the pit wall. This photo is of Mr Ferrari sitting on a pit wall. Exactly the era I'm looking for.

Might I also take this opportunity to ask some of the Europeons for a good photo, should one exist , of the classic pit wall please. Especially some from the Goodwood circuit if thats possible.

Anywho.. , back to the next project/

Framed up and ready to go!( nearly)

and of course the overhead view. All material for the building is handmade with real timber and a really sharp saw blade being used to trim it down
Figured the posts were 100 x 100 mm. Not a high ceiling, and some small front kickboards on it.

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I got some time today to get some more work done on the Pits. I've built 2 the same so far. Just how Mr. ferrari would like them. I'm tossing up as to whether to get the cars to drive out from under them or to have the cars just stop in front of them. I think the latter is more realistic. So still one or two things to do like the roof and some downpipes etc..
painting of course to follow one pit roadway is finished..
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Nice pit building!!
It sure fits in well to the era of the cars.

Having trouble finding any more photos than the one I had. Judging from the photo in the book, I can say for sure most of the roof timber sizes were too small and would have eventually given way. I also assume sometimes people would have climbed on them as well. so I guess that was before stress gradings.

Once these building are complete, it will be time for the bridges. So if anyone can point me to the fake water thingy, that would be much appreciated/

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That is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Your attention to detail is superb and the period you have modelled is brilliant.

Very well done and keep posting pictures!

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