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New track

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Spent three days cleaning out my shed. Finally making a track that will make for great racing as well as another track that I can do some scenery with. The bigger track is finished but still needs to be hoisted to the ceiling cavity. In the meantime I need a track to distract the boys here so a nice little three lane deal should do fine.

I'll post update photos as progress is made and answer any questions.

The first comment I'll make is the track hills were made using small gauge bird-wire with chopped strand fibre-glass mat laid over the top then a flexible rubber based waterproofing compound placed over the top of the mat. Quick simple, non-edible and permanently flexible.

Also note, I placed some clear Perspex strips around the track edge, so my 5 yr old son can see the cars coming down the hill. His first complaint when the track had a timber border. The clear Perspex can be seen just above the Cooper. Not my idea, saw someone do it here and I can recommend it. Also think it adds some depth to a layout.

The track has only really one level area and everywhere is is uphill and downdale.

Hopefully the photos work!

New scale timber fence pit wall.

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One potential easy "fix" for the split MDF problem would be to mask off the perspex from the level where it is above the MDF and paint the rest matt black or similar to hide the end of the MDF. I think that's what dda did on his superb routed Spa track.
Really looking good! Can't wait to see what it will look like once the water part is done!
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QUOTE (AlexB @ 18 Jun 2008, 21:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Im certain the car is a W154, definately the one Dick Seaman drove. Is it an old MRRC body?

huge thanks


I agree it is a W154, you can compare the shape of the front grill to my 1:18th CMC version:

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Very impressive the speed at which you can make pretty major changes to your track! The new corner looks to be a major improvement to me.

Ouch, not nice to see that Racer in that state but I presume the rear wing will just glue back on (fingers crossed!)
QUOTE (uksqueezea @ 31 Aug 2008, 11:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If you look closer in the photo Ronan, the guide blade has ripped right out of the chassis blade holder and is lying in the gully alongside the abandoned vehicle. The car flipped as the deeper than normal guide caught in a small piece on the bridge boarding. The chances of the Racer car being the first to get caught on such a tiny piece of the track is kind of ironic!!
Whats the old saying,," happens!"

Ouch! I see the guide now! Hopefully it will prove repairable, otherwise an expensive write off!

"It" indeed happens! LOL!
Looks amazing as usual! I love the wooden barrier for the marshal, the idea of "safety" in the 1960s was tragically hilarious. Can you imagine sheltering behind a few planks of wood thinking they would deflect a hard charging GT40?

Looks brilliant though!
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