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New track

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Spent three days cleaning out my shed. Finally making a track that will make for great racing as well as another track that I can do some scenery with. The bigger track is finished but still needs to be hoisted to the ceiling cavity. In the meantime I need a track to distract the boys here so a nice little three lane deal should do fine.

I'll post update photos as progress is made and answer any questions.

The first comment I'll make is the track hills were made using small gauge bird-wire with chopped strand fibre-glass mat laid over the top then a flexible rubber based waterproofing compound placed over the top of the mat. Quick simple, non-edible and permanently flexible.

Also note, I placed some clear Perspex strips around the track edge, so my 5 yr old son can see the cars coming down the hill. His first complaint when the track had a timber border. The clear Perspex can be seen just above the Cooper. Not my idea, saw someone do it here and I can recommend it. Also think it adds some depth to a layout.

The track has only really one level area and everywhere is is uphill and downdale.

Hopefully the photos work!

New scale timber fence pit wall.

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Amazing work on your track, and especially this bridge feature. I really love this new path and rocks under the bridge.
Splashed around a few colours on the scenery and the bridge today just to get some sealer coats on it and try some colours. I'll have to wait for the plaster to dry before I can go any to much further with it. The bridge has been sprayed. Also attaching some photos of some ideas I've yet to put into the track.

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WOW!!... gunna need a sh*t load of tallus to get that look!
Should be a ripper once done though.
Really looking good! Can't wait to see what it will look like once the water part is done!
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Very beautiful work. I love the wooden bridge. It really makes you feel like you're at the track.
Fantastic work on the track! I would like to put some hedges around a few retaining wals on my own track and really like the way yours look. How did you make your hedge rows?

Edit Check that question...I just saw an earlier reply concerning how you made the hedgerows.
Fantastic work UK! The level of detail and craftsmanship really make this track stand out from the crowd. You have a very well balanced skill set for this sort of work. The terrain, ground cover, foliage, fencing & signage, and structures are excellent. The color range and weathering is top notch too. It's all very well done, but the work on the bridge and surrounding area is something special. Thanks so much for sharing your work here. It's great fun to follow your progress!

Started work on the roadway for the pits and routed out the exit grooves. I'm not looking for too much in the way of a realistic in-out type pit situation as this track will be used mostly by novices. It should make for a nice exit from a pit box.

Also found this. It's a photo of a Shell sign on the side of a shed which I found and printed out to paste on the side of my pit shed.

Still work to go. Plaster drying on the banks of the river. Trialing some floor polish for water at the moment. Time will tell....
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More rain this afternoon. So that means time to finally get some ideas advanced to more than just an idea.

Painted some stripes on the perspex sheets fitted to the side of the track hoping they would look like fence palings. It wipes off easy enough so I think they work well enough to paint them in a bit more realistically. But not today.

Pits and buildings in place. Pits got clobbered the other day when the dog came running into the shed with a possum about half an inch in front of her nose. The possum ran up a piece of timber and kicked it over subsequently falling straight onto the pits. ( .gotta be happy with that. )

Shot of the Lotus

wrong lense in the camera tonight so most of these shots were taken from well over 12ft away. Some clarity is missing.

Back to the bridges soon.
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Boy, and I glad to hear that it's raining; if that's what allows you more time to devote to your track! The additional work looks great. The Shell sign and painting of the pit roofs compliments the developing look of your layout. Nice work on the banner and rigging too. Thanks for the update.

Very nice. I like the racing line, is that done with dry brush? Also is that a mercedes w154 in the corner?


Looks fantastic. Thanks for the pictures!
Thanks for the replys.

AlexB, the track is painted grey then I get some black spray an just standback and try and get the lines right. Nothing too elaborate.

I have no idea what type the Merc is. Someone here is bound to know exactly which type it is. I always thought it might be the type Dick Seaman drove although the number is just a random thing that was put on it by the maker.

Unfortunately I had the wrong lense in the camera so the shot will be a bit grainy as they were taken from some distance. It has Ninco wheels, a Scalextric back tyre and SCX front tyre off the new Graham Hill BRM.

Brad, the roof was stencil that I played around with. and if you notice at the top of the rigging there is still one piece of rope I hope to hang little trianglr flags off. Unless someone can suggets something better because other than that, I'm stumped as to what to do with it.
It needs something though.

Jmswms, don't go too far away. I'm about to get into my water at the bottom of the bridges. If you know where a link is to how you did yours is that would be great.
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Im certain the car is a W154, definately the one Dick Seaman drove. Is it an old MRRC body?

huge thanks

QUOTE (AlexB @ 18 Jun 2008, 21:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Im certain the car is a W154, definately the one Dick Seaman drove. Is it an old MRRC body?

huge thanks


I agree it is a W154, you can compare the shape of the front grill to my 1:18th CMC version:

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Superb looking track.

Looks a whole heap of fun mate!


PS, Bridge is Mint..
Very, VERY impressive!!!
I like the way you have kept it all in the same era!
And it looks so real!!!!

But..... there's always a but...... the START/FINISH banner!
You should make a new one printed on silk paper!!!
The plastic is too heavy!!!!
I think you have to search the forum for another topic.
Someone did some banners or his track and they came out very well.
But the local bookshop should have such a paper, I think.

Look at post #40 in the thread covering LMP's routed track Silk Banner. Another appraoch to take with the banners is to use very thin sheet styrene. This is the approach that I intend to take because it will allow the use of decals. My thinking is that the decals will print out with better precision/clarity. Styrene may also make for a better material to weather. A billowing or wind blown effect can be achieved by heating the styrene. The wrinkles at the cable grommets can be created by using putty. Here is a picture of some flags I made using styrene.

The flags are quite different from a banner so I may be off target on my expectations for how well suited the material will be in creating a banner.

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