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I'm thinking of building a track at home to race mainly scratchbuilt 1/32 cars, but also some Nico/scx/Scalex etc cars, both with and without magnets. I had hoped to use Scalextrix Sport track for the layout..

I was browsing ebay today and came across some Ninco track for sale:-

The seller seemed to be saying that "non-magnet" cars would not run on Sport track. Is this correct?.....or is it just a little poetic licence by the Seller.

This could have a big input into the type of track I intend to use.



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Hi Alan,
I don't agree with the implied significance of several claims that particular seller is making. They're hardly poetic and are overly biased towards what they're selling.

I run non-magnet cars on my Sports track all the time and they run just fine. I have cars from almost all the major manufacturers and I'm removing the magnets, slowly but surely.
Non-magnet cars run noticeably better on any brand of track if you apply some of the tuning tips you'll find on this board and the 'Net -- add some weight, adjust the guide height etc. However, just removing the magnets, loosen the body screws a little and truing the tyres is a very good start and well within anybody's skill level.
I wouldn't be influenced by any of that seller's claims. Instead, other factors such as availability, your available space(e.g. how tight turns can be), special track pieces (e.g. rally, RMS), compatibility with any current track you may have, track width (e.g. for 1/24 as well as 1/32), cost and personal preferences should guide you.

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I've heard quite good reviews of Ninco track, but god knows where you can get hold of large quantities of it in the UK. I myself run Scaley Sport only and I've had no probs with running non-magnet cars.

Plus the seller is talking BS when it comes to fitting Scaley Sport together, its alot easy than Classic Scaley track and it fits together very well.

As for the resistor issue, if it really bothers you could buy 'Red Fox' controllers from somewhere like Getslotted or Pendle.

Does anyone know what type of lap counters (e.g DS lap counters) are the best value for money for a 4-lane Scaley Sport track?


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You gentlemen are being inordinately kind to the advertizer.
Some of what he says is correct, some is debatable, but some is straightforward lying.

Debatable, is the claim that
QUOTE NINCO: Tested with over 1000 foot of track without any problems.
I simply do not believe it, as it is stated.

Totally untrue:QUOTE Scalextric Sports:- You cannot use cars without magnets.
ie old historic cars cannot be used on the Scalextric Sports track.
Using adaptors is a fallacy as you need to change tyres for driving on old classic and the new sports track!
You CAN use cars without magnets
Old historic cars CAN be used on Sport Track
You do NOT need to change tires for driving on old classic and new Sport Track.

Dear God, how I
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