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Hi Alan,
I don't agree with the implied significance of several claims that particular seller is making. They're hardly poetic and are overly biased towards what they're selling.

I run non-magnet cars on my Sports track all the time and they run just fine. I have cars from almost all the major manufacturers and I'm removing the magnets, slowly but surely.
Non-magnet cars run noticeably better on any brand of track if you apply some of the tuning tips you'll find on this board and the 'Net -- add some weight, adjust the guide height etc. However, just removing the magnets, loosen the body screws a little and truing the tyres is a very good start and well within anybody's skill level.
I wouldn't be influenced by any of that seller's claims. Instead, other factors such as availability, your available space(e.g. how tight turns can be), special track pieces (e.g. rally, RMS), compatibility with any current track you may have, track width (e.g. for 1/24 as well as 1/32), cost and personal preferences should guide you.
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