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Couple of weeks late with this, so apologies!

And welcome again to our new regular @Fatfot who's already winning heats. So what are the Jan-Feb classes, I hear you cry? We've got...

1 SCX 4WD Rally - magnets out, free tyre choice
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

2 Scalextric F1 With/Without Underpan(t)s - Johnson or Mabuchi motor SuperSlix F1s
Rectangle Motor vehicle Wood Asphalt Line

3 Old SCX F1s - RX motor F1s from the Tyrrell 001 to the Minardi and Jordan 191
Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire Wheel

4 Scalextric Lotus/Caterham 7 - Magnets in, the latest chassis has a big advantage. Fastest cars that we have now!
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

5 Large or Small Wheel Saloons - 70s-80s Scalextric Classics using SuperSlix wheels. No magnets.
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

6 Ninco Vintage - Ninco's range from 1950s-60s: powerful long cans vs. nimble small cans
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

And as ever, to end the night the bottom two drivers in the points pick our lane cars, most of which are a bit wayward... like the Slot.It Ferraris without enough weight in them and rock solid tyres.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle Automotive tire Toy
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