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Newbie (But I guess you've heard that all before ) ;-)

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Please treat me gently, I've been out of this for more years than I care to remember.
My parent bought me an Airfix racing set when I was about 6yrs old now 10x that , I'm back to the beginning.

(Intermission) ;-)

I started collecting 'Scalextric' Cars about 12 yrs ago for my grandsons, Unfortunately, the '2' became 12 and I found it too expensive to save for them all.
SO, I decided to sell some of the 'Ltd Ed' cars that I've collected, and concentrate on building a 'home' track that they can use when they come to visit.

Hopefully I will be able to post phots of my ongoing project, and, with members help/advice will make it something my grandkids will appreciate
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Welcome, you will find plenty of great information on the site there is always someone to help you. Regards Greg.
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Thanks Greg, All help/advice appreciated :)
Welcome to the site.

Please post lots of photos. To post photos you can click on the landscape icon to the right of the camera below but there are simpler ways.. You can drag and drop from you desktop if using a PC or even easier just copy the photo from any source, computer, table, phone even a website and just paste in place.
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