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1st off I have to say that this IS one of the best sites I have found.
The members on this forum are very knowledgeable and friendly.
I have been into slot cars ever since my brother purchase my 1st set when I was 6.
It was the Matchbox Speedtrack Tyronde Malone Daredevil Diesel set (It was awesome)
and that's how I got hooked!

Now over 15 years later I have decided to get back into the hobby and boy it has changed and for the
better is right! Two years ago I purchased the Classic track Scalextric Le Mans 24 Hr. kit and now I've spent most of my
time reading and researching. The one thing that bothers me a lot is that why are all the good things in Europe & the US? I find it very
hard to get great accessories or slot cars in Canada. If I do find a hobby shop around here they are very expensive (Just purchased the Shelby Cobra #13 for $67.00 after taxes. That's a lot of money) or they carry a handful of cars and accessories.

I have a few questions that I didn't find anyone ask on the forum.

1. The guide blades.
Can I purchase them in bulk? Or even use another type of material?

2. Magnets
Can I purchase them in bulk? Where?

3. Tyres
Is there a standard tyre for our Scalextric cars?
Where Can I purchase them? Bulk

4. Controllers
How do I know I will need a more powerful controller?
If I run all my cars on the track with magnets on them how will I know that my remote will
handle the power it needs.

5. Power pack
Do I need more power? I'm only planning on setting up a 4x10' track with only two lanes
Will I require more power at different parts of the track?

The biggest issue I have is that I would like to get these items either from the US or here in Canada.
I find that the UK has a wonderful supply of items but with it being overseas and the exchange rate I
might as well not even bother sometimes.

Thanks again for everyone's help!

Brian Ferguson
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Welcome to SF, PCDoctor!

Living not far from you, in Orangeville, I know exactly what you mean about a lack of decent shops!
The best ones are probably RaceWorld (north Toronto, on Steeles west of Yonge) and Panther Hobbies (in Mississauga). Long drive to either.

For purchasing guide flags, tires, etc., you might want to look online. The US is probably the best source. Try Professor Motor or Rad Trax for starters.

For controllers, I would think about replacing standard units with ones from Parma (cheap and terrific) or Professor Motor (electronic and pricey, but very good units).

If you only run standard motors, you might want to consider using separate standard power packs - one per lane. For hotter motors, you may want to buy a good, regulated power supply. On a 4x10 layout, you may not need additional power taps, but they don't hurt - if you feel that distant points on the track are down on power then run jumper wires from your terminal track to other points around the circuit - probably not more than one or two additional power taps would be needed.

Hope this helps a little!

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Hey PCD,

Welcome aboard, i'm in Toronto and i see Fergy from orangeville is also active on this post so i'm sure you'll get the low down.

Need and want are two different things in this hobby!

All parts are available from a variety of on-line retailers, check the 'links' pages on this site and you'll have more sources than money!

If you want semi-local shops, there are two places i can recommend in the Toronto area - only one is a true 'slot place', the other lots of cars and track bits and general hobby.

1) Raceworld Canada - on Steeles Avenue west of Yonge street - (905) 771-8982
2) Panther Hobbies - mississauga - Wharton Way - south off Dundas east of Dixie

Not sure about the KW/Cambridge area, sorry!

As for power, you'll likely want to upgrade to a filtered regulated source at some point if you are building a permanent type layout, some guys seem to like variable volts and amps (with LOT's to spare) and if you're a Magnet guy, more amps can't hurt... cost and your personal style will dictate what type suits you best

You'll also want to upgrade controllers at some point - Parma makes some very decent basic pistol types that are quite good...but you can also get fancy electronic controllers from Professor Motor (PM)...

try typing 'Controller' and 'Power' into this sites search engine and you'll find all kinds of posts and usefull information.

As with any hobby, once you scratch the surface, you'll find out how truly deep it is (and there is seemingly no end to the depths you can go in the slot world!)

Again welcome and good luck!

Ken R

ps tyres - no, there is no standard, lots of options though!

Alan Tadd
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Welcome to the Forum Doc, I'm sure you will enjoy it on here.

Regarding Controllers I can recommend the Prof Motor electronic ones, they are superb and will suit all the different types of car you will buy.



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Thank you, everyone.
I've been told that I should also pickup the book by Schleicher "THE Slot Car Bible"
Everyone has been very helpful thank you.

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PC Doc if you see anything here in the good ol'e USA that you would like to have feel free to let me know and I will gladly purchase it for you and ship to you. I am very lucky to have a hobby shop in my town which is a 1/32 head quaters, he has every new release that is available. I can not begin to imagine how he sells so many cars, he must have at least a thousand or more cars in stock and available for purchase at ant time. Email me at [email protected]

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