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I am new to scalextric, had the track a few months.
I bought the Indy Car set plus the first 2 track expansion
packs. I also bought 2 SCX cars.
The SCX cars go really well around the track but I have
real trouble driving the Indy cars, they derail all the time
mainly on the damn racing curve.
I find the Indy cars either stick/stop on the curve if Im
going to slow, or the guide clips the plastic centre
of the racing curve and flicks the car out of the rail.
It is a real challenge to get the speed just right.
Im convinced that the little plastic stoppers on
the car which stop the guide turning to far are half
the problem as the guide hits them and them derails.

But the damn racing curve plastic just seems to
catch the guides every time, even without derailing
I can hear the guide clicking as it goes through the

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


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I did that for awhile but that means the car on the outside track has
a longer distance to drive and is therefore at a disadvantage.
At least by swapping onto the inside it equals the distance out.

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I think getting rid of the racing curves is an excellent suggestion.
Don't worry about the inside and outside lanes being different. I have extensive experience with oval tracks of various sizes that have "unequal" lane length. This is not an issue as the outer lane can carry more velocity around the curve. Even with four lanes it just doesn't seem to matter. Try it and let me know what you think.

The oval track is an excellent track to use to learn how to race slot cars, but you need to have the straights at least 1.5m long (many sets just don't contain enough straight track for this- very frustrating!). On the oval I have novices practice hitting a braking point and usually place a car or 1/32 scale figure as a marker. Note: the outside lanes have braking points closer to the turn. This helps novices to immediately have fun and be fairly competitve. Once they have learned about braking points on an oval they can race well on any track.

An oval is especially fun as a four lane if you have three mates to race with (trash talking optional).

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If lane length bothgers you, try building a track with a bridge, and make an extended figure 8. That way, the lane lengths will be equal.

I hate the racing curves too, you're not the only one
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