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Very newbie questions I'm afraid chaps.

In a fit of generosity, my wife bought me the Scalextric Subaru Challenge set on Saturday and I already have 2 Fly Lancia Beta Montecarlos.

So I have two Scalextric Subaru Imprezas and 2 Fly Lancia Betas.

We've only used it for a couple of hours so far and one Impreza is mostly firmly the Wifes from now on as it hasn't got much left to fall off!

Anyway, reason for posting in here is that all 4 cars seem quite sluggish from standing start and the fly cars seem really noisey both over the track and just in general. Admittedly the track isn't that exciting at the moment but the Imprezas can be made to drift a little but the magnets seem to make the breakaway very sudden.

Can I get some tips on how to improve the performance of the cars? I think the Imprezas are going to be practice/drinking competition cars. I would like to keep the Fly cars in excellent condition but they didn't seem that great on the track.

Many thanks

Gary Skipp
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You could take the magnets out of the subarus.

Scaley cars are notoriously bad without a mag but for home racing with two equal cars it shouldnt matter - so thats what I'd do to them. You'd get much better control of slides etc.

Also try experimenting with lead tape, the type used on golf clubs. Distributing wieght in different places will make a noticeable change in mag-less performance.

Fly wise, a little oil and running in shold take away some of that noise. If your using sport track, keep the mags and try soaking the rear tyres inlighter fluid to soften them up.

Hope this helps, happy driving
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