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I see some great potential for the digital systems but I do not have enough experience to help someone thru the learning curve. I think a traditional set is all you need and will let you have a lot of fun. Carrera and Scalextric Sport sets are good choices but you'll need to purchase extra straight track, but since you are in the US I recommend an Artin four lane set as these are the most cost effective way to enter the hobby. This set has 40 feet of excellent track with stainless rails. You can get a good feel for how much your kids will like racing, you can race four cars at one time and it is easy & quick to set-up & take down. I usually set-up an four oval to help beginners learn how to race. It's surprising how much fun a four lane oval is. This set can also be set-up as a huge two lane, it will cover a 16 foot by 4 foot area!

The four cars included are perfect for beginners and younger racers, they are very robust but do NOT look as nice as the other excellent slot cars made by the other brands. The best thing about the cars is that they do NOT have a extremely strong traction magnet so everyone will learn how to drive, the deep guide flag on the cars is a significant improvement over many other brands of cars. Of course you'll want to get more cars and when you buy other brands of cars you should replace the power supply to one with more amps (around $30).

Happy Thanksgiving!
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