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Newcastle Upon Tyne

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As we discovered in an earlier thread there are no slot shops in London.

I'm about to spend some time in England's second city, Newcastle Upon Tyne, so the same question:-

Are there any Slot, Model or Gaming shops that are worth me trying to sneak a visit to.
I'm poorly served by local shops so anywhere that sells more than Scalextric, Airfix/Tamiya and Games Workshop would be of interest.
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QUOTE (JAK @ 15 Aug 2004, 19:13)Also visited Modelzone in Grainger Street, Newcastle which was close to Forbidden Planet and Travelling Man (If you don't know what they are, it's to late and you should stick with slot cars)
Two other shops I found were The Country House in Westmorland Rd. a very unwellcoming shop selling some models and RC stuff plus a lot of near offensive weapons
Forbidden Planet
I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy

near offensive weapons? You mean like, garden implements? Fork, shovel etc?

Great bargain on the Pajero!! Nice one

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I presume then that you are talking about air soft guns? If so then most responsible air soft retailers will not sell to anyone under 14 AT ALL. 14 -17 year olds can only obtain the weapons if their parents are present with then at the time of purchase. I suppose that you may be able to find suitably sized steel ball bearings to fit, but the guns are designed to fire only light weight plastic BB's and I would hazard a gues that the extra mass of the steel ball would destroy the firing mechanism quite quickly.

Yes, the guns are 1:1 replicas and anyone brandishing them in public can expect swift and extreme retribution from the local constabulary - common sense applies when travelling to and from your chosen airsoft site (paintball sites sometimes run airsoft events).

Airsoft is cheaper than paintball - and less painful. The pellets are smaller, lighter and cheaper (£10 for 100 paintballs. £9 for 5000 !! BB's). Enjoy

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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