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During my holidays, I started a new project.
It will be already the third wooden track that I'll build. (you have to scratch when it itches ;-)
Here's a link to my previous track (V2) You can still see some parts of the first underneath.

old track (V2)

The new design can be found at

new track (V3)

Images of the build process will follow soon.
I'm going to use scalectrix parts to use this one also for digital racing.

Have fun, slotrace 'till it hurts, and keep on building ;-)

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QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 30 Jul 2011, 17:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great start! Are you planning to have it just two lanes through the start/finish for digital racing, or are you planning to splice in additional sensors for more lanes in digital mode?

You've got the right controller, that's for sure. For my controller stations, I included the jack for the controller (any SSD controller) as well as the power jack that the SCP01 needs. If ever I have 6 racers all with controllers, I won't have daisy chained wires running everywhere to power them.

Thanks !

Well I'm still thinking about the 2 or 3 lane thing. I'll route 3 lanes, but I only have one start/stop piece.
If i'm correct, this is also where the lap counting is done.
So with 3 lanes, I should guide the third always to the other two where the sensors are for correct lap counting...

Another problem is that I own a lot of cars, and converting them all to digital would cost a lot. So I would like to keep 2 systems, one for analog racing and one for digital (scalectrix mode).
With the help of some (well, probably a lot) electronics, I'm planning to make the system so that I can switch over with one switch from one to another.
I am going to use extra optosensors in the slots, so that it is possible in analog mode to drive the 3 lanes automatically when I'm am driving alone on the track.
These sensors will be connected to a Microchip controller that controls the flippers in analog mode and also communicates with the PC.

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QUOTE (1 32 slotter @ 30 Jul 2011, 20:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>WHAT........I would like to hear A LOT more on how you plan to do this. VERY interesting. As for the 3rd lane. Just go get yourself a digital lap counter and steal the censers. Used if you can. I got mine for about 15 pounds shipped.

Not sure if I understand you correctly now that I have read your post #6 a few times. You want the PC to control the cars in analog mode? Through the digital chip? You wanting to control speed and braking? If I am understanding you correctly you will have your hands full implementing this on everyone else's track here on this forum.


Sorry, my explanation could be confusing.

It's not the car I want to control with the Microchip, but the flippers when I'm driving alone (with one car) in pure analog mode.
The Microchip will control the flippers in such a way that I drive the three lanes one after the other automatically.
This way I can still use my old ACD handcontrollers (which I think are still the best).
This Microchip will also control the flippers when we are driving with three people in analog mode (set all the flippers straight) and it must also connect each analog hand controller to the correct lane.
The digital power base will be automatically disconnected in this mode.

The connection to the PC from the Microchip will be used for lap counting.
This part was already build on my last track and will be used again.
You can see it at the last picture on the section "The old track".
The red,green and yellow button and the LCD displays are a part of this.
The green button starts the race, the red is like a red flag, and the yellow is for the yellow-flag situation - the power is cut from the track during 5 seconds.
The LCD displays give info on the voltage on the track, race mode info and so on. Laptimes are send to the PC via RS232 serial protocol.

It will be a lot of work, but hey, it's a hobby, right ?

Hope this clears things out.

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