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As a fellow Minnesotan, I was asked back in June if I knew what was up with one of our most prolific posters, and one of our resident Master Scenic-builders, Tileguy (aka "Todd").

Todd lives in Northern Minnesota, near what we call "The Iron Range", and I'm about two-hours South in the Twin Cities so we've never crossed paths. I did have an email addy for him however, so I emailed him to ask how he was, and that his SF friends missed him. I received the following reply this morning, with the instructions to share whatever seemed appropriate....I'm posting it verbatim; I wouldn't do it justice by paraphrasing it.

In short, our mate Todd is in really tough shape and I think based on the challenges he's facing, it's unlikely we'll see him coming back to SF anytime soon.

PM me if you'd like contact information. I know he considered many of you some of his very close friends, and I'm sure he would appreciate your support.


"Michael, am I OK....that's a very good question...Not really no......I am dealing with some very severe medical problems, the kind that turns your life upside down and unfortunately, those of your loved ones also..I have been unable to work for over a year now and have recently bankrupted my business of 25 years because of this and the fact that i will never be able to return to tile work in my lifetime....My online time is somewhat limited so choices of priority must be made.....

At this point my mobility is very limited and much of my time is spent dealing with Doctors, specialists, therapists and psychiatrists (they seem to think I am depressed.....hmmmm, it's a possibility LOL )

Another of my major endeavors is dealing with the govt.....or dot gov people if you prefer....Social Security seems to have forgotten I've worked all my life and paid in quite a sum of money......This of course means they deny any disability claim regardless of whether your deaf dumb blind and had all your limbs hacked off......Enter The Lawyer........Yep, we must keep them fed so the .gov people ( who once were all lawyers themselves) have decided they are entitled to 1/3 of your disability for getting Your govt to approve access to YOUR OWN FUNDS!!! Smacks of Fascism if you ask me, but that's just one mans opinion who's in the red tape battlefield.
Ive even stooped so low at this point to Steal internet via wireless laptop from my neighbor since i can no longer afford 50 bucks a month for something so frivolous as communicating with the outside world..;o)

So there ya go, the answer to your question whether you wanted it or not...Feel free to copy paste anything you feel appropriate....I will of course deny ever typing anything libelous or slanderous toward any government entity no matter how Ignorant they are................

The Tileguy...(ret)
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