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Ford RS200 "Red Road Car"
Reference No: C3319
Type: Single car, crystal box
Class: Road/Street
Availability: through Collector Centers only
Release Date: July 2012

From Scalextric Press Release;
"The Scalextric model"
Originally a 1984-86 4-Wheel Drive Group B Rally Car, the famous rally car from
Ford was extensively used in rallying and rallycross and can still be seen in
competition today. The car was soon replicated as a standard road car as
demand grew from motoring enthusiasts who wanted road going versions. Many
motor kit-car businesses have reproduced this iconic competition car for road use
as well as for continued competition after Ford ceased production of the RS200.

Power came from a 1.8 litre, single turbocharged Ford/Cosworth "BDT" engine
producing up to 450 horsepower (340 kW) in racing trim. Although the RS had the
balance and poise necessary to be competitive, its power to weight ratio was
poor by comparison, and its engine produced notorious low-RPM lag, making it
difficult to drive. Factory driver Kalle Grundel's third place finish at the 1986 WRC
Rally of Sweden represented the vehicle's best-ever finish in Group B rallying
competition, although the model did see limited success outside of the ultracompetitive
Group B class.

High detail. Magnatraction. Quick-change guide blade. DPR

Motor; Mabuchi SP - 18k rpm
Gear ratio; 11:36
Chassis; Rear Mounted Motor
Side-Winder - Rear two-wheel drive
Magnet; Rectangular 2.5 mm - Down-force 200 gm
Overall length; 125 mm
Wheelbase; 78 mm
Axle/Hub width; 54 mm Front - 54 mm Rear
Tyre diameter; 20(ext), 13(int), 8 mm Front - 20(ext), 13(int), 8 mm Rear
Weights; Car 78 gm
Case; 156gm

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Is this based on an actual real car? Can't find anything on Google that matches.

A road car should really have a road driver, perhaps like the one in the C3027 RS2000 road version.
(and he really should be sat on the other side of the car...
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Behave Stoooo, I found that one, can't see the back end or reg number though. Found another red right hand drive but can't see number on that one either. Appears as few as 6 cars were painted red so shouldn't be too hard to find.

All I want to know really is if the reg number is real or made up...
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QUOTE (stoooo @ 12 Apr 2012, 19:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's even a left hooker.

Actually Stoooo I think you'll find it's right hand drive.....

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If you've got £125K knocking about you could always buy the real thing....RS200
Tough for some Stoooo, a lad I went to school with and lives a mile from me won £41 million quid on the lottery recently.
Might just pop round for old times sake....
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QUOTE (scuderia_turini @ 13 Apr 2012, 19:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Has anyone established if any R200s were made in right-hand-drive form ?
I've read one source (which I can't confirm) that says of the 200 produced only 22 were left hand drive.

There is a picture of a red RHD (which I believe is a genuine car)

(this is one I haven't flipped)
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There is no mention of "limited edition" Zarko, I think the only restriction to availability is that you have to buy one from a Scalextric Collector Centre.
QUOTE (scuderia_turini @ 14 Apr 2012, 15:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think DJ meant 22 were built for driving on the left - ie right hand drive.Thanks for the help Leo but I did mean 22 were left hand drive. I read it here...LINK. Looking at the list from Dopamine it looks like that must be wrong (assuming the list is accurate?), just goes to show you can't believe everything you read.

This is worth a read too..... LINK

I still think, given the rarity and desireability, that the one on Ebay for £125K is a bit of a bargain... If only...

Anybody going to buy a Scaley one?
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QUOTE (JEXY1 @ 10 May 2012, 08:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Collector Centre Logo removed from image as requested.
Is that logo a Jane's Train logo then Robb?

Trying to work out if I took another companies logo and then added a few more words to it in the same style of writing whether I could clain copyright on the "new" logo.??
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