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A couple of things spring to mind....

If you have problems aligning the track sensors and bridge emitters there are a couple of things you can try instead of a ruler and making sure both bits look/emit
vertically in both planes.

Firstly digital cameras (and this probably includes phones) will show IR light on the screen so you should be able to see where the emitter is pointed or if it is weak.

Secondly you could, with Trackmate running, use a meter to check the voltage across the sensor when it is unobtsructed. The lower the voltage the more light it is receiving which is what you want. You could then compare it with the others as well as adjusting to get the best alignment. Do it with minimal ambient light as the sensors will also to a certain extent detect the visual spectrum. Note that you will not get zero volts, depending on the sensor, 0.3 volts at best. Alignment that gives you a low of 2 volts or less should be OK.

As long as the alignment is correct there is no reason why you can't use Dave's reflective system to provide the IR for your sensors in the track. Then you could run two timing systems with one bridge. You could also check for consistency as they should both detect at the same time, near as damnit.

Hope this helps.

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