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next purchase

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looking to buy another car
any ideas on my next purchase
criteria home track scalextric sport 4
anything that will give a fly viper a good run
my son has the viper and i need to beat him just once

kev an the lil one connor
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if ya got a 35ohm controller then a scaley single seat racer stick a 35k motor in it pack the back of the car with as much mags as ya got (mine runs 2 button mags 2 cylinder a proslot bar and the mags thats already in it) then take a drill to the chassis and hack the whole thing up and ya gat a car that ran a 3.3 on its first lap out after modding my stock lola runs about 5sec my gt40 with the mag moved back and the tyres sanded right down runs about a 4.3-4.5 average... thsi thing'll gives any RTR car that i raced on scaley sport track a good spanking!!!

EDIT:and it only cost £25
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1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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