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next purchase

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looking to buy another car
any ideas on my next purchase
criteria home track scalextric sport 4
anything that will give a fly viper a good run
my son has the viper and i need to beat him just once

kev an the lil one connor
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Damn straight!

The Fly Lola B98 Motorola is the BEST car out of the box. Literally take it out, and put it on the track. Don't even touch your screw driver!

Should give you an edge, but not too much on a home track.


PS. Don't believe any of that single seater malarky... It's not worth the extreme hassle. Plus people will stop talking to you on SF, lol
Fly tyres come in four different compounds: A, B, C and D.

I think A is the softest 'racing' tyre and D is the hardest 'plastic' tyre, lol.

You may find that your replacement axel had a softer compound of tyre on them. This certainly would halp on Sport track. Although I can only distinguish between A & B/C and D and B/C.

I found that the soft were too soft and kept coming off the rims. You could try gluing them, but I haven't tried it yet...

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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