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next purchase

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looking to buy another car
any ideas on my next purchase
criteria home track scalextric sport 4
anything that will give a fly viper a good run
my son has the viper and i need to beat him just once

kev an the lil one connor
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I'm waiting for my Fly Lola B98/10 Motorola to arrive soon. Lotus recommended this one to me earlier, but I haven't gotten around to ordering it earlier.
The Lolas are supposed to be quick, and this one has the Fly Racing motor as standard. If you don't want to modify a car then this might be an option.
From what I can see the Motorola (A505) is the only Lola B98/10 currently with the racing motor as standard (not including the forthcoming racing versions).
Check the listing over different liveries at LES Cars.

I run only on Sport track, and there seems to be variations on how the Fly tires perform. Out of the box my Marcos didn't perform very well, but after I changed the rear axle and tires (due to a stripped crown gear) it was great!
The new tires seem to be exactly the same as the old ones, so I guess they are so much better because the tires were "fresh".
But ,unfortunately, even with the new tires my Marcos is no match for a Viper with equally good tires... At least this is the case on our club track, but it might be more even on a home circuit.
Still haven't received my Lola, so I can't say how it performs yet (¤%¤ slow postal service here!).
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I didn't know about the different Fly tyre compounds. As you say, Lotus, it probably was a different compound in the new tyres.
I checked on Pendle also, so that some other of my Fly cars could get be "reborn" with tyres better suited for Sport track, but I can only find the different compound tyres listed under "Fly Racer Spares"... What cars does these tyres fit?
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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