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next purchase

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looking to buy another car
any ideas on my next purchase
criteria home track scalextric sport 4
anything that will give a fly viper a good run
my son has the viper and i need to beat him just once

kev an the lil one connor
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thanks guys
i think ill just buy the lot !!!

fancy the ninco bmw and the lola
im not up to tinkering yet so ill pass on the single seater
but that may be a future project when weve become lil tinka's
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is it true the only lola b98/10 that has a fly racing motor
is the motorola liveried one ?
would that make that much difference on a home scalextric sport track ?
thinking of getting the lola but maybe now being swayed by the marcos
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ok so on the advice of you lot in here ive gone and got meself a fly lola b98/10 the coca cola liveried one

any advice on makin this lil beauty fly <ive just got to beat the lil ones viper>
havent tried it yet ill do that tonight but any thoughts greatfully received as im sick of beaing beaten by an 8 yr old

any advice also on how to stop buying slot cars the missus has asked

kev an the lil one connor

better to beg for forgiveness that ask for permission !!!
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cheers lads
looks likes im doing more shoppin for tyres
and more tinkering !!!

if i dont beat him after all this im coming looking for you lot !!!

other than that i may just nick his viper on the grounds i paid for it
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1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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