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next purchase

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looking to buy another car
any ideas on my next purchase
criteria home track scalextric sport 4
anything that will give a fly viper a good run
my son has the viper and i need to beat him just once

kev an the lil one connor
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I had a look at the different tyre types that Lotus mentioned and according to Pendles you've got it the wrong way round it is as follows:

Think I may try out some D compounds and see how they go.

Kevin, The things wrong I noticed with mine since getting it (only had it 4 days) which have made it much better\quicker are the following:

Its fitted with a Deeper racing guide.This was causing it to catch inside the rails on my Classic Scalextric track.On the few Sport pieces I use it seemed fine. So i've now swapped this for a standard Fly guide and it is so much smoother.
I found the motor was sticking out below the Chassis underpan and catching on the track joins.
The front 2 screws were also sticking out below the underpan instead of flush with the bottom of the car.
The rear tyres rubbed on the inside edge of the underpan even though there was almost no play in the read axle.
With the back screws done up only slightly the Crown Gear was rubbing on the inside of the Shell.

Your's could suffer from none of these but these are a few things to look out for to help beat your son.
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cheers lads
looks likes im doing more shoppin for tyres
and more tinkering !!!

if i dont beat him after all this im coming looking for you lot !!!

other than that i may just nick his viper on the grounds i paid for it
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I found that the soft were too soft and kept coming off the rims. You could try gluing them, but I haven't tried it yet...

I didn't know about the different Fly tyre compounds. As you say, Lotus, it probably was a different compound in the new tyres.
I checked on Pendle also, so that some other of my Fly cars could get be "reborn" with tyres better suited for Sport track, but I can only find the different compound tyres listed under "Fly Racer Spares"... What cars does these tyres fit?
I believe they are the correct ones you need.
If you also check getslotted they list the size of the tyres which generally I think are 21x11(???). (Different for Fly Classics)
Both Shops give the product the same code but list them under different classifications.
keep us updated Kev.

We're dying to know what you are spending your money on

(and if you're still getting beat
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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