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Next Year

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With the view of completing our santa lists, what about talking new series for next year?

Scalextric RS 500 no magnets (the new ones)?

Our NSR GT3's or Grp5's with magnets?

Carrera GT2/GT3/GTE mega mix.?

in the spirit of youth involvement I asked Evan & Benjamin to have a good think about what they would like to see / race (so no work done at school today for them).

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Scalextric Group B (without magnets this time).

Slot-it 90s DTM (magless)
We have two proposals out there already:

Brian - Modern F1, more or less Formula libre

Alastair - Rally with Special Stages, Time Bonuses, Night Stages. He suggests using the SCX Escort MkIIs but maybe we could meld this one with one of the above Rally car types?

This one's from me

SCX Le Mans Series GT1/2/3 - that would cover lots of cheap & pretty cars similar to those that raced in our pleasant 2016 UHdDD - Corvette C6R, Ferrari 550 & 360, Aston DBR9, Porsche 911. All with inline RX42 or 42B & adjustable magnets. There's always a pile available at Scale Slot Cars for £20-30.
Loving the Slot-it 90s DTM

Strongly approving of SCX GT

Liking the Rally Stages

loathing modern F1

Feeling the boys should have an input.
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Ok, so the boys are discovering deciding on a series isnt as easy as they thought. Scalextric McLaren p1 series is on the agenda for now🤔 Also suggesting some sort of points scoring system where points are awarded for laps that are closest to say 9.00 seconds so the really quick drivers have to hone their timing skills, without watching the clock!
Evan is still scouring carrera cars to come up with a series.........of Porsches, open to help!
Interesting stuff.
I've read other club series with a minimum lap time. Maybe if others are reading then please jump in. Much studying to be done.
There are a multitude of new GT3 cars by Scalextric with many, many, many liveries. I only suggest as a magnet high speed series for the lovers of that type of thing (and blu-tac).

I'm remember back to our blacked out windows series, it was quick, only problem maybe the low hanging bellies of the new cars on our undulating classic track.

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Any series as long as it’s with Mk2 Escorts
To quote DREDD
I knew you'd say that.
Agree with Les but new handicap system required for him proposed, left handed controller use only for him, can the club afford a right sided straight jacket for this purpose😜
Maybe one for the boys indeed all of us Carrera now have approx. 20 GT3 / GT2 / GTE cars to choose from and they look fabulous, relevant, and not expensive. (& dare I say unlike Scalextric the magnet / down force is consistent).

May the force be with you.
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