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Hi,heres a interesting 1/24th scale set by Nichimo of Japan. The set contains 2 controllers,transformer, & a Porsche 904 & a Ferrari Sharknose. The set contains no track. The set is MIB.
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Hi Don,yes they made several sets,in more than 1 scale. Heres another 1/24th scale set with 2 BRMs (sorry for the box top not being in the best shape). : I included a photo of the Ferrari chassis you asked for(another car not the one from the set,though it is the same).I also included photos of the 2 BRMs from this other set & a photo of its chassis.Thanks,Bernard
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Hi Tifosi,you are right. I goofed.
Thanks for the correction,Bernard
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Hi ,heres some photos of the 1/32nd Mustang,both MIB & assembled. I also couldnt resist some photos of the very rare 1/43rd scale Nichimo MGA.This one comes from the rare set. You can see its chassis design was not as advanced as their 1/24th & 1/32nd cars.
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Actually while the other car painted on the box is a Fiat the other car in the set is another MGA just another color. I wish the set did include a Fiat. I have seen only 2 sets ,mine & another one that was MIB & sold for $2,370 in 2011 .Bernard
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