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Hi,heres a interesting 1/24th scale set by Nichimo of Japan. The set contains 2 controllers,transformer, & a Porsche 904 & a Ferrari Sharknose. The set contains no track. The set is MIB.
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I just bought the Nichimo 1/32 Ford Mustang, which seems to be the very same individual as shown on the French "Folm" slot car forum. You can see the big lead weight in the rear body mount of the chassis, is it a factory setup?
The drop arm is weighted with shaped metal plates, they certainly look like a factory item. Now the car weighs 119 grams, like a brick. I haven\'t tested it yet, but I suspect it won't fly on the track.
OK, thanks! I wonder if some 60s slot car magazine ever did a test drive? I have a faint recollection of seeing one. Got to do some searching.
So I remembered correctly! It stuck to my memory because I've seen very few Japanese slot cars reviewed in 60s British and American magazines. I plan to race my Mustang in a proper club track, so a copy would be most useful, yes please! Couldn't find that magazine from my small pile.
Thanks a lot! The guide flag really looks very weird, needs to be changed I think. Rather that than cutting the original.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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