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Nico Jaaaaag

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Looking for a bit of help on Ninco Jaguar XK120 windscreen. I know it's a near mission impossible but someone must be making this venerable windscreen for the Ninco Jaguar XK120?

I have the green one in photo, with Amato 3D chassis and slot it running gear. Since this photo was taken I have matched wire wheels all round - aluminium all round.

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Toy

I have a white one (also with 3D chassis, etc.) but that's had an incident and I can't find the windscreen - which is in a safe place. Like all good Jags it's currently sitting on bricks in the workshop!

It's a great car and nice model of that particular Jag. I enjoy racing them in a "Good Wood" class at London Scalextric Club (details can be found on this forum). I also regularly run them at home.

Help please.


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You could use some clear plastic packaging.

Highlight frame with a sharpie or paint as required

John is right. Given that it is very regular and flat you could use some clear plastic.

I would cut two sections to replicate the V shape.
I have cast a few in clear resin...never easy.

Might have a few left, will have a look see.

That would great and since it they will be coming from NZ I'll take 2 and keep one in my spares.

Let me know either way, with postage to UK and a photo would be good.


Azure Water Font Electric blue Rectangle

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Azure Font Automotive exterior Symbol Electric blue

So this is what I found. Some have minor bubbles and some have frame issues but they have possibilities.
25.00gbp and I will pay shipping.
PM me for details if you want to proceed
Shipping is about 12-14 of that total. Thanks NZPOST


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Or do what I did with mine - fill the holes, cut a couple of slits and fit aero screens

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The circuit-racing XK120s had just an aero screen (and solid disc wheels). Two-man rally cars different, and if you want the Ninco original, go to it.
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