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Hello fellow SF members...

I received two brand new Bmw M3 cars today. I have read a few reviews of them and they seemed nice. Besides I have always favoured Scalextric. Maybe for emotional values
, since my first track and cars were Scalextric. Never the less, I unpacked them and they run very well. Nice handling and a lot of power. I must say that I was surprised, never thought that they would be that good. Even better then Fly. However they do sound like a lawnmower, and that really bothers me. I assume that it all has to do with the guide "suspension"…

What I need help with is to know if it is possible to "tune" the guides in such way that they do not make all that noise? I would really appreciate all the help you guys can/could give me..

Thank you in advance


Ps: I have search the forum but have not been able to find anything abut this issue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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