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I picked up one of these off Ebay for pretty cheap because I've been curious about the suspension on a road type car since I got a Pajero a while ago. The Pajero runs well and is fun, but the long travel and high CG make it very wallowy. I haven't got a 934 yet, but saw this little rally car and thought I would try it.

Wow, it handles so well without the magnet! Even with the NC-5 motor and short wheelbase, it is very stable and predictable. It is also narrower than the standard Ninco rallys, but has very little tendancy to flip and slides very well. When I first saw the amount of travel (very little, especially in back), I thought it wouldn't make much difference at all. But it really works, soaking up the waves in some of the sections of my Sport track and giving a very nice "feel".

Like most Nincos, it required very little prep, just took a little off the front axle to reduce slop, lubed, and trued the tires and ZOOM! It is faster than all of my other rally cars, except the Ninco 4wd 911 w/NC-2 and Cartrix tires. I am so impressed, I really need to get the 934 now.
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