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I have just got n email from them tellibng me the specs. Ive already ordered the car because I thought it might be a good collectors car. The specs are

The Car is a 1/32 Subaru WRC 4WD with active pickup arm, NC-2 Motor, and 1500 gm magnet

Is that good?

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it is the same as the standard 2001 impreza model (specs wise) i have all 3 imprezas of that shape but only use the blue montecarlo version and that seems to go very well, but i have not used my club model, it is a very nice livery though.

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And here are the pictures. First is NINCO Club-Subaru. Second is Catalonia special edition Subaru. Third is NINCOs standard Subaru. They are all just different liveries of the same car.



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QUOTE (pupkick @ 28 Dec 2004, 01:04)Love the unique livery, and at $30 US, it's a steal. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Huh??!! $30!! Where do you find it for that money? I just got a heavily discounted one through a special arrangement between Ninco and the NSCC, but it was still a lot more than that!

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