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I currently running a a Ninco Digital sytem, using approx 30 metres of track in 2 lane format with an extended Pit lane section, with a MAARDS display system.

When using the Ninco controller in "PS" mode I note that the Pit Stop fill time is approx 10 secs when completely empty and is generally proportional to required fill (0 to 10 secs = 0 to 100% fuel fill).

I also note that if the instruction to refuel is missed (pits full etc.) the car slows dramatically to approx 50% speed, often dependent upon tract layout when the reduced speed is applied the car will struggle to get across the lane change sections disrupting the other racers, hence it would be great to increase this speed to maybe 75%.

Does anyone know of any way to adjust these 2 parameters i.e.

1. Refill time
2. Minimum speed after pit stop missed.

Would be greatful of any advice.

Thank you Martin
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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