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Ninco Digital

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Hi guys,

Visit Ninco for an official press release for
their new digital system! Ninco states it will come
with a digital system which u can play
using your existing tracks in 2005.


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I'm of the opinion that Ninco are gonna have some advantages by releasing there system later onto the market. I do feel they will have a better customer feedback level, than other manurfacturers who have ventured into the market place first.

Ninco, for me, always seem to try and develop new ideas, where other manurfacturers dare to tread. They have a wider range of motors as standard through there cars, they have developed more race orientated parts, in an effort to get cars handling better. There cars are faster and lighter in the main than most manurfacturers cars, from standard., however they are let down by quality of standard parts and finish.

Back to the digital bit.... Im hoping Ninco are gonna release as standard, a straight LC, and corner LC's. Im glad the are following the same line as Scalex, by releasing a back wards compatible system, that will use the current track system.

I'm a bit bemused as to why they are so behind the game "so to speak". Although they are not afraid to launch new ideas - eg the suspension system, its not really caught on in the main, but I feel there is room for development. So saying that, Im hoping they are able to combine the best from all the systems, and produce a reliable, stable product, admittedly probably a year to 6 months after everybody else.

I look forward to more updates.

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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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