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Ninco Digital

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Hi guys,

Visit Ninco for an official press release for
their new digital system! Ninco states it will come
with a digital system which u can play
using your existing tracks in 2005.


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slot racing is an enduring hobby. If digital IS the future, then although ninco will have lost one advantage, they may gain others in the long run, by seeing what people like and dislike about SCX, Carrera and Scalextric systems...
i love blst's system and think it will be great to race on.

As I understand it, each layout has to be carefully designed to work out what the best line is, whether you need to change lanes in anticipation of the next curve etc etc..

I don't see it working with modular plastic track all that well, though I could be wrong.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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