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Ninco Digital

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Hi guys,

Visit Ninco for an official press release for
their new digital system! Ninco states it will come
with a digital system which u can play
using your existing tracks in 2005.


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I don`t get where Ninco are supposed to be taking advantage of other manufacturers by releasing their system after the others? As Scaley is still not out and Ninco will have already been puttingt their system together, as it`s not as if it takes a couple of weeks to get all the tooling etc sorted? I`m not so sure Ninco will be right behind the others. I want them to be but historicaly they do take their time over just about everything they make. The latest Ninco club news released today makes no mention so I would not be surprised if they just want people to believe they too will be along with a digital system soon?
I do hope so because I`m not going to commit to a digital system for the club until I`ve used the Ninco product. Maybe Scaley at home while I`m waiting tho
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But Mope that suggests that Ninco want to mimic the Scaley system and improve upon it when they may in fact be developing something better already? Better? Perhaps their system may remove the need to even make the switch by automaticaly placing the leading car in the inside lane for the racing line.

This would negate one of the biggest problems with digital in that you have too much to do in a tight race situation. Why should you need to press a button to LC ? If there system is based on our French friends (and after all Ninco turning down his offer doesn`t mean they are not copying it does it?), then this may well be one of the improvements that they haver to offer to racers? This may also win over some of the Digital sceptics as it would in fact bring digital racing closer to the traditional method.
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That`s the system I was refering to
Instead of inside line you get the racing line. Maybe we don`t need the four lanes any more? I`m not clued up enough to know but I am certainly impressed with th BLST concept as offered to Ninco and designed for Ninco track I believe?
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