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Ninco Digital

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Hi guys,

Visit Ninco for an official press release for
their new digital system! Ninco states it will come
with a digital system which u can play
using your existing tracks in 2005.


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BLST concept was designed for the plastic parts, but I think that Ninco can't use this system in his complet design because it's not compatible with the traditionnal slot. And the only Ninco creed is "compatible".

Be sure that I'm looking for the best way to make my system will be available for customers.

Don't forget too that Ninco have never replied when I have sent them pictures and videos of my system.

I fear that they will launch a system who be not very different to the others digital systems.
in the hobbyshop yesterday i clipped 2 straight trackpieces together off all brands who are making/planning digital: Sport, Carrera. SCX Digital and Ninco
after this quick experiment i decided to wait for the Ninco system. if i don't like it i will go for the SCX system (yes then i will go for the looks!).
Freddy M. is screaming BARCELONA out loud on the radio at this moment!
Adijjjos! gose
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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