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glue motor in, glue & true rear tyres, tighten motor mount screws, fit longer body mount screws & leave loose. The next bit works on the porsche but I found the corvette didn't require it as its wheelbase is slightly longer and is better balanced - remove the drop arm adjusting screw and replace it with a metal pin just long enough so that it doesn't pass completely through the hole on maximum drop, superglue into drop arm, you will have to elongate the hole front to rear it travels through to allow it to move through its arc. This mod allows max drop on the drop arm & the pin limits the twist in the drop arm when cornering. The issue you have maybe the guide lifting under exceleration and the braids loosing contact with the track. If your on scaley track are you using the standard power supply, cos if you are its voltage is a bit too high. We found running @ 12v allows better driveability with the porsche.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts