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NINCO Lamborghini Gallardo ASP Rally 08 tuning?

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I plan on getting the following car as my first tuning project - NINCO Lamborghini Gallardo ASP Rally 08

I was wondering what could be done to get the best performance out of this car was thinking about changing the motor and trying the NC-10 EXCEEDER MOTOR and putting some SUPER-RACING tyres on the car?

I'm new to this whole tuning business in the past I have only raced the cars out the box or left them mint in the box to look good on display I'm a collector after all.

Thanks in advance.
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I want the best lap times out of it so fast. The course I'll be racing it on is Silverstone and it's plastic track. I will be keeping the magnet in it.
QUOTE (Savage @ 4 Mar 2012, 21:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am assuming its scalextric sport track -

Use some plastic tube to fix the front axle so the front wheels are only just above the track (think ~0.5mm) with the braid fully flat, and ensure free rotation/not binding on body, you may need to use lower profile tyres.
A cheap set-up plate flat one side, recess the other for wheels is a good investment to aid car set-up (Pendles do them for around a tenner).
On wood I prefer to have a just contacting front end, but plastic and magnets prefer the just off approach from what I recall.
Coat front tyres with nail varnish.
Ensure all wheels have excess plastic removed and are round and true, then true the tyres as best as you can with what you have available.
Lube all moving parts with appropriate oil/grease.
Change the guide for a ninco pro-race sprung one.
Fit a scalextric or Slot.It bar magnet as close as possible to the rear axle centre point on the chassis. (I am not a magnut fan, but if thats your preference, thats the recommendation I would give).
Fit a Sloting Plus axle bearing/brace.
Swap rear tyres for either Slot.It P6 or some Urethanes (Wasp are very good).
Swap the motor for an NSR Evo3 21.4k, trust me you won't need anything with a higher rpm !

There is a whole host of other things you can do and buy, and no doubt other methods and things others may not agree with, but that should get you on the right road for your aim without going crazy.

An expensive option, but one worth pursuing if you intend racing more:
Buy a decent controller, it cannot be underestimated how much of an improvement that alone can make !

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply. Yeah it is Scalextric sport I'd be racing this on. I have looked into these parts and managed to track down the following -;Slot%20It''NSR'

Do you have any links on where I can order some of the parts you suggested?
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