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NINCO Lamborghini Gallardo ASP Rally 08 tuning?

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I plan on getting the following car as my first tuning project - NINCO Lamborghini Gallardo ASP Rally 08

I was wondering what could be done to get the best performance out of this car was thinking about changing the motor and trying the NC-10 EXCEEDER MOTOR and putting some SUPER-RACING tyres on the car?

I'm new to this whole tuning business in the past I have only raced the cars out the box or left them mint in the box to look good on display I'm a collector after all.

Thanks in advance.
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Nice car and you're clearly a Gallardo fan but, if you want lightening fast performance, drop it and get yourself a Ninco Ascari. WE run a modded class at GBSC at nothing comes close to a well sorted Ascari. I know, I tried a Gallardo once and it was a nightmare to race. Took all the bits out and put them into the Ascari and, hey presto, I was up there (sort of) with the head of the pack. Only my skill letting me down. I say skill, with two mags in it's not skill you need, it's guts to stay on the throttle. So, an Ascari, then do what Savage said, ninco green can motor will do the trick too, and away you go.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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