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Ninco lancia 037 any opinions ?

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As title, how are the new Nincos, have they stepped up their quality ?
I wouldn't mind this and a sierra, but a bit of a shame they gave up making AW.
I guess they couldn't figure a way of cost effectivly building a decently braced chasiss
so opted for the inline. I would have prefered to forgo the "suspension" and get a decent aw chassis, but with recent QC at Ninco seeming very poor, I am a bit hesitant to buy anyways.
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I have just been test-driving mine - no mag, on Carrera track.
I instantly heard that a wheel or more was out of true as the car vibrated around the track. Pulling the tyres off the rears revealed that some "flash" was still in the molded recesses that are there to avoid this sort of issue. Removed that and tried again but much the same. Quickly worked out that the rear nearside wheel is not concentric on the axle :- (
Have put a couple of videos on YouTube (Below).

This, combined with the previously identified missing bits of the Martini stripes makes me feel that if I had paid the shop price of virtually £40 I would be seriously unimpressed. However, I am a bit biased towards Lancias and paid less than £30 on Ebay so not too upset.
Full potential will not be revealed until I true the wheel, but I reckon it will handle nicely.

On the model value side, the air intakes at the rear are too wide/deep.

Kind regards, Leo Embedding not working - Linky Embedding not working - Linky
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No interest ???
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