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Ninco lancia 037 any opinions ?

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As title, how are the new Nincos, have they stepped up their quality ?
I wouldn't mind this and a sierra, but a bit of a shame they gave up making AW.
I guess they couldn't figure a way of cost effectivly building a decently braced chasiss
so opted for the inline. I would have prefered to forgo the "suspension" and get a decent aw chassis, but with recent QC at Ninco seeming very poor, I am a bit hesitant to buy anyways.
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I'm interested to know too as I'm keen to buy the Olio version, but have been put off by what appears to be a very poor paint finish where the blue meets the yellow. Does anyone have this car and is the one shown here just a rogue with bad paint, or are they all like it?

Photos from Click them to see them full size.

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