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Ninco McLaren F1 Pan Interior

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Next years TSRF Series hardbody car will be my Ninco McLaren F1 'SOK' "Shoulda-been-a-long-tail-but-turned-out-a-short-tail" that has never run under it's own steam since I broke the crown while cack-handedly trying to true the tyres - then I stole the bullet connectors for my TR4.

Anyway I love the car but hate the flat black pan interior and the flat coloured 'garden gnome' driver since it is so obvious with such a large front screen. So I got the paint brushes out.

The driver is the original Ninco "head and shoulders" type, I repainted him black and then painted him up using the black undercoat technique. If he was available seperately he would be a scratch-builders dream for 'black card' interiors (although I prefer Astro's description "vat of oil"!)

As for the interior I used some Tamiya German Grey and a few cheapo craft acrylics to add a more three-dimensional look to all the sharp edges and to the two passenger seats. I mixed up some orange and yellow to give it Papaya Orange cam covers like in the F1 LM special edition they did.

The painting style of the driver is the usual approach I take to wargames soldiers, the style is heavily influenced by Kevin Dallimore, a well-respected figure painter from London. BTW I cut my teeth on wargames figures in the early 90s, some of which I bought from a wargames trader, some ex-army type guy called John Sword or something. I wonder whatever happened to him?

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Coopdevil what has happened to the pics?

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