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Ninco Megan

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I was looking at the ninco Megan trophy as I love the look of the car and believe the only two companies currently making this are Ninco and SCX, not being a fan of the guide on the SCX I started looking at the ninco.

It's been a few years since I brought a ninco as their price hikes put me off when the started charging the same for a ninco1 as I could buy a detailed car from Scalextric.

Anyway, back the the Megan trophy.

As far as I can see the is the ninco1 versions and the lightened versions, both of these are fair enough for what they are aimed at and honestly I love the wheels on the lightened version but I was looking for a high detail with interior.

Looking further at ninco's range I can't seem to find many cars that are not either often two types mentioned above.

Am I missing something here?


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I was looks at a few at the last big swap meet, they are VERY dark, I certainly could not see inside. The interior is also a lean (found this out after writing the question) so still not the detailed interior I was after. The lightened ones are also race speced and priced accordingly, if I was buying just one then I would think about it but none of my trends want to buy one so if I want to race tem as a class I need to buy at least three.
Well I stopped looking at ninco due to the price of their version of the Scalextric super ressitant, £21 i can except but they are just being reduculous.

Ah well, I will cross ninco off my list again, does anyone have a way of improving the guide on the SCX cars so it doesn't spin and jam othe two sprung bits of metal.

Message to Scalextric or carrera.

Please make a version of this car.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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