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Yes to the above! Been running a "Red Bull" M3 for awhile now, and the angle-winder set-up is very strong. The car is just a tiny bit slower than my Fly M3 and it was about thirty bucks less to field it!
I love the way the NC5 rips out of the turns. I was going to put an Overdrive kit in the car but my McClaren spoke louder for it. A beaut all lit up. The brake lights are very quick to trigger and make the car really sparkle on the track. Next is an NC6 to regain the speed the light kit weighed down (not quite .2 sec.). I keep reading about the weakness of the Ninco rear end but I haven't seen any trouble at all. I like to run the Nincos in the enduro and they always finish. I'm sure the NSX will be fine, too once I get one on the track.

So many cars, so little money!!!
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