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Nice to see another returning Pilgrim after so many years. I think that we are a bona fide species.

Yes, the cars should stop automatically after crossing the pit lane dead strip when racing in 'PS' mode. If they do not then check the following:

- Make sure the the Pit Lane signal cable is connected securely to the N-Digital console.

- Clean the Pit Lane dead strip with 90% isopropyl alcohol (fanatical track rail cleanliness is a way of life with digital slot racing).

- Make sure that the cars' pickup braids are clean, fanned out slightly at the ends and angled down slightly from the front of the guide.

- Make sure that all track section connections are solid and secure. Crimping the edges of the female rail connectors inward can help here.

- The Pit Lane is rather short so that sometimes a car's momentum can carry it through. Consider extending the Pit Lane with one or more single lane track sections.

When the car does stop you should see a small graphical representation of refueling progress on the N-Digital console LCD screen.

Do your lane change track sections operate OK?

Post back here on your results.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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