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Ninco Porsche 934 Brumos

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Hi all!

Just got the Ninco Porsche 934 Brumos. Wanted to try the Pro shock suspension and the NC5 motor. I have a couple of BMW M3's with NC2 motor angle wind. They are pretty fast and very fun to drive.
But the Porsche is not
It doesn't handle very well and the suspension system (at least thats what I experience) actually prevents the rear wheels from getting a decent grip.

Does anyone have a better experience with this car and maybe some tricks to make it perfom better?

I actually removed the proshocks and that gave me better handling and faster times. But not enough

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Weird, I just bought the green Vaillant version this weekend, took it home popped out the magnets and gave it a test run and said WOW!

I run on a 4 lane Ninco track, have a long straight (15') for a full speed blast and some S bits and a couple of inner/standard hairpins. Magnets are not permitted.

My timing equipment is down due to landscaping construction, but I can tell this car is going to be at or near record pace without any work!

1st thing, the NC-5 is very responsive and quick. Noticibly faster and quicker on the pick-up coming onto the straight vs NC-2.

2nd, for a car that gives you the impression that it would be top heavy, it doesn't roll or tip over...just kicks out its tail when over done, de-slots are very infrequent!

3rd.. the tail out tends to be shorter and returns to full power on than other similar shaped Nincos (I am comparing it to the Ninco Audi TT in my head)... its either down to tyre compound and or the suspension actually working, transferring weight to the loaded tyre for improved grip.

4th, not 1 technical glitch - gears meshed and ran smooth, tyres were as true as true gets out of the box, no wheels rubeed anywhere... really quite supurb.

It was so good and looks awesome (as well as durable) that I said to myself, 3 more of these (Jaeger, Brumos, Burtons) and I've got a brilliant set of matched "house cars"...

Sorry your experience isnt up to your expectation Morten!

Not sure how it handles with Magnets or on other tracks, but as you can tell, I'm a fan.

best, ken R
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