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Ninco Porsche 934 Brumos

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Hi all!

Just got the Ninco Porsche 934 Brumos. Wanted to try the Pro shock suspension and the NC5 motor. I have a couple of BMW M3's with NC2 motor angle wind. They are pretty fast and very fun to drive.
But the Porsche is not
It doesn't handle very well and the suspension system (at least thats what I experience) actually prevents the rear wheels from getting a decent grip.

Does anyone have a better experience with this car and maybe some tricks to make it perfom better?

I actually removed the proshocks and that gave me better handling and faster times. But not enough

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My 911 handles like a pig with or without magnets, the wheels are oval and even after attempts at truing wheels and tyres it still hops like a frog! Which is a shame, I was really looking forward to a good model (which it is) that handled well.
Cheers - Phil B.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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