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Having just finished my digital rallycross track, I'm wanting to buy some raid/pro trucks and see ninco do some great models, but am having trouble finding anywhere (british site) in which I can buy them!

Does any one know of a website I can get them, or even have any to sell?


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For a while a couple of years ago, there was a guy selling so many on eBay that you could pick them up new for around £20, but his supply dried up long ago. I don't often see them for less than £30 now.

LD-Discounts have a couple of different Bowlers for sale at £35 and £54 respectively. £54 is too much, but £35 is not so bad.
Phil Smith has a BMW X5 at £30.
GoldStar have a couple of Hummers at £25.

I use my Ninco Raids on a flat track, not obstacles, but they are brilliant fun and surprisingly quick. I'm not so impressed with SCX Raid cars; they look fantastic and the detail is excellent, but they're a lot slower than Ninco and handle like bricks, although maybe I'm being a little unfair with my appraisal as I haven't used them on rough terrain. SCX's drop arms are much longer than Ninco's, which are quite short and might limit the cars' ability to tackle big obstacles.

From all the many hundreds of cars I own, I rate my Ninco Raid cars in the top 25 for driving pleasure. Fabulous cars, but sadly now difficult to get hold of cheaply.

My two favourites:
I removed the drop arms for these photos, just in case you're wondering how the cars get power...

Tire Vehicle Car Wheel Automotive tire

Tire Vehicle Car Wheel Hood


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QUOTE (Dopamine @ 6 Jan 2012, 04:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>From all the many hundreds of cars I own, I rate my Ninco Raid cars in the top 25 for driving pleasure. Fabulous cars, but sadly now difficult to get hold of cheaply.
I would echo this, the Ninco models are fantastic little cars, particuarly the Schlessor Buggy. I was lucky and managed to pick up a couple more dirt cheap in America last year, and I've got a few from Phil Smith over time. Basically, you've got to trawl the second hand sights and hope to find a bargain. You won't regret it though!

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I am a fan as well, I have 1 of each car Ninco made/makes - my most recent pickup was the Bowler Nemesis - which I scored at a good price on eBay - brand new with alloy wheels.

Have a look around some of the online shops there may be one or two still available.


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i have 2 ninco off road trucks and a power slot hummer and a scx off road truck here is a picture of my 2 nincos .................

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I have several ninco raid cars and they are great fun. One of the cars i am mot suprised at is the powerslot hummer. it is very quick for a big car but if you want speed, buy the plain yellow car as my dad has the monster energy black one and although it isnt slow, it cant match the yellow car.
also, when there are obsticles in the way, their scx drop arms allow the scx raid cars to go faster than a ninco car.



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Hi Jack,
I use these 2 Hummers a lot... the Ninco H2 is brilliant fun and surprisingly nippy, I love seeing it wallow and slide around the corners.
The Powerslot H1 isn't so great, and it's certainly not of the same quality as the Ninco, but it's definitely got character and it's good fun trying to get a 'fast' lap out of it.
I got it from the Pendle sale for about £15, not sure if it's still on sale.

I'll get an SCX H3 when I see one at a good price, and I'd like a bowler too, but my concern with getting into rally/raid cars is that it will inevitably end up with me 'needing' a second track for them.

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Ninco Raid on Scalextric Sport track are absolutely brilliant. Don't get me wrong, they are fine on any track, however, with Sport (or Carrera) smooth surfaces prevented the tyres digging in and tipping over; meaning wicked power slides!

The VW Touareg like the Schlesser is easier to drive, low slung and less prone to tipping, the trickiest of the lot, in my opinion, was the 2wd Yute' Pickup thing. We have a class racing Hummers at Farnham.

One car I struggled to get was the Bowler, it came out and seem to disappear in a short space of time, it might be just me, it seemed quite a limited run. It looks great, the only other factor which started to put me off, Raid cars were becoming expensive to buy.

I collected all the Raid cars at the time of release, sadly I sold them. Now reading this thread makes me wish I had kept them.

Good luck with your search, they are lovely cars and great fun!

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