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· Alfie Noakes
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Hi Jack,
I use these 2 Hummers a lot... the Ninco H2 is brilliant fun and surprisingly nippy, I love seeing it wallow and slide around the corners.
The Powerslot H1 isn't so great, and it's certainly not of the same quality as the Ninco, but it's definitely got character and it's good fun trying to get a 'fast' lap out of it.
I got it from the Pendle sale for about £15, not sure if it's still on sale.

I'll get an SCX H3 when I see one at a good price, and I'd like a bowler too, but my concern with getting into rally/raid cars is that it will inevitably end up with me 'needing' a second track for them.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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