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I am totally mystified why the majority of you think that a car should run perfectly out of the box this implies that there factories in china full of experienced slot car tuners building car for the likes of Ninco, this scenario may be closely replicated in the case of NSR who hand build their cars in Italy but thats as far as it goes.
When you buy a Lightning Ninco, Slot.It or any other brand what you have to evaluate is "is the box of bits I am getting worth the money?"

Anyway back on post subject I tried and hoped to get one of these running in our touring car class which is dominated by the 406 Silhouette and the original Megane Trophy. I tend to use Slot.It running gear in everything so never used the Ninco gears, to give the very narrow back end a bit of support I used a Sloting Plus axle beam (SLPL1010) and did all the usual glueing and truing, glued some washers on the front axle supports to get the desired ride hieght.
In short whilst the chassis gave loads of grip it was a real handful due to the peaky motor being to much for the car.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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