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Hi Guys,

I have just bought 2 Ninco Imprezza's off ebay and the previous owner has removed the 4wd pulleys and belts. I am looking to get these back to standard but was wondering if these were single or twin belt. The Ninco refs are 50257 and 50308. I have had a search on google and here but could not find any answer.

Thanks in advance


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I've got 2 Ninco Imprezas (50451, 50385) and both are single belt. Of all my 6 Ninco WRCs, only the '05 Lancer has twin belts.


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you can make them whatever you want. 2 belts seem to be a little "firmer", but you can then also choose from 3 different belt lengths & 3 different spring strengths on the shocks; these cars can be tuned very nicely & are always a threat in competition.

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Hi Ste - Found this from 2011 - just to comfirm.

So the following will be in Pro-Stock;
Ninco 50322 - Subaru WRC 2003 - Super Racing
Ninco 50357 - Subaru New Zealand 2004
Ninco 50358 - Peugeot 307 Monte 2004
Ninco 50401 - Mitsubishi Lancer Catalyna
Ninco 50344 - Impreza Pro Race Imola
Ninco 50328 - Impreza Pro Race No 8 New Zealand

Plus any car that has any of the following;

Pro race Clear Chassis
Pro Race Aluminum/Magnesium Alloy hubs
Any car that comes with an NC6 Motor
Any car with Ball race bearings
Any car with twin belt drive
Any car with Pro-Race white bodyshells

Every other Ninco car is in Modern.

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Hey Guys.

From my experience, it is better to run two belts slightly slack than to run one belt tight !!.

When using a car with a seperate motor pod, the single belt pulls to one side.

This affects handling to a remarkable degree.

All my quick 4x4 have two belts for that reason.

vbr Chris A.

ps: Symmetry is the cure for all evil.
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