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Just got the new ninco subaru rally (number 8 new zealand wrc). Its my first ninco, and first 4wd too, having a belt (rubber band) connecting the front wheels to the rear. I run with magnets, and it has a button in the middle.

So far it runs ok but a little slow; I have trued the tyres, and added 2g of weight just in front of each of the rear wheels, which helped a lot.

Has anyone else got one of these, and if so what did you do to improve performance? Should I disconnect the 4wd system and run it 2wd? Grind down the tyres?

Oh - and one other question: The nc5 motor has a foil wrapper. Is it a good idea to keep this on to keep dust out of the motor, or take it off to improve cooling?

Thanks in advance

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